Additional Projects

The following projects have been brought to the attention of ACNU since the production of Australian New Urbanism – A guide to projects.

Australian Projects

  • Varsity Lakes Town Centre, Gold Coast, Queensland (Brisway Map 809 C4-C5)
  • Emerald Lakes Central Area, Gold Coast, Queensland (Brisway Map 768 C16)

New Zealand Projects

  • Te Atatu Peninsula, Waitakere, Greater Auckland
  • New Lynn, Waitakere, Greater Auckland
  • Henderson Westgate, Waitakere, Greater Auckland
  • Manukau City, Greater Auckland
  • Botany Town Centre, Manukau, Greater Auckland
  • Flatbush Town Centre (proposed), Manukau, Greater Auckland
  • Papakura Council area
  • Addison, Greater Auckland
  • Five Mile Town Centre, Queenstown


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